The International Children's Dream Foundation was established in November of 1999. Our mailing address is located in Carson City, Nevada 89705 at:

963 Topsy Ln., Ste 603 PMB 230

Telephone: (707) 953-6337

e-mail therman@icdreams.org

Founder: Tim Herman


The International Children's Dream Foundation provides a safe, believable public forum for young teens to achieve personal growth and discovery in dealing with life challenges such as substance abuse and violence. We believe that nurturing respect for one's self and for others is key to positive conflict resolution and a drug and alcohol free youth.


The International Children's Dream Foundation is dedicated to providing quality resources to all children to assist them in dealing with life's challenges.

We believe that in partnering with other organizations with similar objectives we can have a much greater effect on youth than if we attempted our goals alone. We also believe very strongly that kids will listen to their peers before they will listen to others. That their role models: celebrities, teachers, and coachers play an important part in their decision making. We therefore will use all of these groups in helping us reach our objectives. We have faith that through our efforts many kids will be able to face their life's challenges with more confidence.