Current Activities.
Speak Up Campaign
The International Children’s Dream Foundation has partnered with PAX to assist this organization in expanding its SPEAK UP campaign to schools, communities and other organizations that can work together to reduce the gun violence in America, especially among young people.
For too long, gun violence in America has been perceived as a partisan political debate rather than what it really is - an urgent public health crisis that is claiming the lives of 10 children everyday.
PAX has created two groundbreaking national campaigns, ASK and SPEAK UP, that make the gun violence issue a matter of public health and safety – not politics – and create the foundation for changes in social attitudes, behaviors and public policy that have previously been considered impossible. The fact is, the most successful social movements of our time (such as AIDS, tobacco and drunk driving) all gained critical momentum when they became strongly focused on the public health and safety of the community as a whole, and particularly, our innocent and vulnerable children. PAX is bringing this same insight to the gun violence issue.
Launched in October 2002, the SPEAK UP Campaign is based on the startling fact that in 3 out of 4 school shootings, the attackers told other students about their plans well beforehand. In other words, most school shootings were preventable. SPEAK UP features the nation’s first-ever national hotline (1-866-SPEAK-UP) for students to report weapon-related threats in their schools and neighborhoods. In just its first week, the SPEAK UP hotline was successful in getting guns out of schools in California, Ohio and Maryland. SPEAK UP features an in-school curriculum developed with the support of all major educational associations, and a high-profile advertising campaign supported by media partners such as MTV, ABC, CBS, NBC, Channel One, Teen People, and many others. SPEAK UP will start saving lives immediately and will raise nationwide concern about the alarming reality that over 100,000 students are able to obtain and take a gun to school every single day in our country.
To learn more about PAX and the SPEAK UP campaign, go to www.paxusa.org